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Kari's Small Posters by Phrase


Size 8.5" by 11" not folded

  1. A Child is Love
  2. A Prayer for My Child
  3. Above All Keep Fervent in Your Love
  4. Beatitudes (Matthew 5:2-12)
  5. Beloved, Let Us Love One Another
  6. Bible in 50 Words (Great for Kids!)
  7. Daughters Are More Precious Than Gold
  8. Deep Peace of the Running Wave to You (Irish Blessing)
  9. Forgiveness
  10. Great Physician Prayer
  11. I Said A Prayer for You
  12. Life is Fragile, Handle with Prayer
  13. Lord's Prayer
  14. More Than We Can Bear
  15. My Son Grows Up
  16. Prayer of Relinquishment
  17. Prayer of St. Francis
  18. Rejoice in the Lord
  19. Serenity Prayer (complete)
  20. Ten Commandments for Kids
  21. Set a Guard Over My Mouth
  22. The Lord is My Shepherd
  23. Watch Over Thy Children


  1. All of these card are done as PDF files
  2. Load your printer with CARD STOCK
    (card stock is a must - white is best for most designs, or cream - just be sure to use card stock!)
  3. Print in highest quality for the best visual results, then just add your message,
  4. Fold in half and mail using 5.75" by 8.75" envelopes

If you are having trouble viewing these PFD Files click on
to download a free Adobe Acrobat Reader. 
Be patient - it takes awhile to load!




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