Chronic Disease

Kari J. Kindem - Expert in the Homeopathic Recovery of Autism, Autoimmune Diseases, Banerji Protocols,
Hair Testing, Homeoprophylaxis, Vaccine Injury Recovery and Women's Health

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Chronic Disease
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Chronic Diseases

I support those with chronic disease and autoimmune issues in women, children and families
with homeopathy and nutritional therapies.

Please contact me to discuss your case on my Homeopathy For Women website

Adrenal Fatigue * Autoimmune Disease * Celiac Disease* Crohn's Disease * Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Fibromyalgia * Hashimoto's * Hypothyroidism * Infertility * Ulcerative Colitis * Vaccine Injury Recovery

ADD / ADHD * Allergies * Anxiety * Autism * Aspergers * Behavior Issues * Eczema * OCD
PANDAS / PANS * Skin Issues * SPD * Speech Delay * Tics * Tourette Syndrome * Vaccine Injury Recovery


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