Coconut Pudding (Maja Blanca or Maha Blanka)

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Coconut Pudding
(Maja Blanca or Maha Blanka)
from Cristina Gaspar Yujuico, Monte Sereno, CA

2/3 cup cornstarch
2/3 cup sugar
1 can cream style corn
2 cups coconut milk (canned coconut)
3 tablespoons butter or a vegan butter spread (if you want no dairy)
1 teaspoon vanilla (I just used 2T -3T sugar instead)
2-3 tablespoons dessicated coconut (available in  Asian groceries)

Combine all ingredients except dessicated coconut  in a sauce pan/pot. 

Cook with constant stirring until thick. 
Transfer to a molder (w/c you can invert later on after it has set in the refrigerator) or a Pyrex glass dish. 

Cool dish a top a cookie rack then refrigerate.

Heat a Teflon pan (use no oil) then pan toast the coconut (stir once in a while) till it starts turning light brown. 

Cool toasted coconut on a plate then you can transfer it to a container or Ziploc bag to keep it staying crunchy. 

When custard is ready to serve, sprinkle with coconut. 


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